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We find that data inspires creativity, amplifies content and optimizes engagement. So we’re deeply involved in building new capabilities, identifying technology solutions and helping clients harness the power and potential of data throughout their businesses.

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Five reasons to work with us for Data & Analytics


David Ogilvy Loved Data and Forged Our Culture Around It

From David Ogilvy’s early career as a pollster for Gallup to our establishing OgilvyOne in 1972 and becoming one of the first agencies to enter the data-driven marketing game, creative thinking at Ogilvy has always been inspired by data.


Going Deeper Adds Value

In 2014, we launched OgilvyAmp, a global center for data excellence. It consists of a small team of highly specialized data experts with global experience who partner with over 300 data and analytics professionals in every region and industry, serving clients across the network.


Data Should Be Everywhere

The primary mission of OgilvyAmp is to infuse data more deeply across the entire planning, creative and development process. We offer a streamlined approach, combining world-class services and best-of-breed technology solutions from our robust partner ecosystem.


The More You Know, the More Data Matters

We continuously release new data-driven products and services in four major categories: data strategy and planning, advanced customer analytics and data science, technology for customer data management, analytics and application development.


Every Business Can Know More

Core, foundational clients, including T-Mobile, Nestlé, BMW India, Philips Healthcare, Aetna and Merck, have already tapped OgilvyAmp to take advantage of the most innovative approaches to using data in the marketplace today.

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