Leadership Team

Our leadership team is truly global, hailing from nine countries and fluent in over a dozen languages.

Brian FetherstonhaughBrian Fetherstonhaugh

Brian Fetherstonhaugh

Global Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
OgilvyOne Worldwide

Brian has led OgilvyOne Worldwide to the forefront of the digital revolution. His far-ranging passions include eCommerce, social CRM, long-range career planning, and how corporate cultures need to evolve in the digital world. He is a published author and released The Long View in 2016, in which he advises on building life-long career strategies. Brian was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, plays hockey on Sunday nights, and plays guitar and harmonica in a rock band, aptly named Plan B.

Gunther SchumacherGunther Schumacher

Günther Schumacher

Chief Delivery Officer
Ogilvy Worldwide

Günther is focused on key client relationships, new business and new network capabilities in areas such as eCommerce, data and technology. He is also focused on strategic M&A initiatives in key markets, and leads the integrated IBM account for Ogilvy and WPP at the worldwide level. Originally from Bad Essen, Germany, Günther loves fast cars and loud guitars.

Nelly AndersenNelly Andersen

Nelly Andersen

Group Managing Director
Ogilvy USA

Since joining Ogilvy, Nelly has been helping clients achieve their goals and building brands that consumers want to engage with around the world. A native of Los Angeles, California, but raised in Denmark, Nelly is forging new engagement possibilities for clients by combining data and storytelling. She also loves hiking in remote mountains.

Jo CoombsJo Coombs

Jo Coombs

Chief Executive Officer
OgilvyOne UK

Jo is an experienced digital and direct marketer with experience working across industries including: Financial Services, Government, FMCG, Retail & Travel. Focusing particularly in Customer Engagement and Behavior Change, Jo has led many foundational accounts during her career at Ogilvy. A farmer’s daughter, mother of two, photographer, horsewoman and a yoga instructor, Jo is originally from Somerset, England and has a passion for good shoes.

Annette KingAnnette King

Annette King

Chief Executive Officer
Ogilvy UK

Since joining Ogilvy, Annette has enjoyed a rapid rise through the ranks. She has run the American Express EAME account been New Business Director, CEO of OgilvyOne U.K. and CEO of OgilvyOne EAME. In her current role, she holds responsibility across all ten of Ogilvy U.K.’s operating companies. Originally from Swindon, England, Annette is an avid art collector and is currently planning to build a house in Italy to have more walls on which to hang it.

Michael KutchinskiMichael Kutchinski

Michael Kutschinski

Global Chief Creative Officer
OgilvyOne Worldwide

Michael holds creative control over many of the agency’s largest international accounts. Originally from Lüdenscheid, Germany, he has won hundreds of international and local creative awards with his teams as well as Agency of the Year accolades during his career, even though his dream job would be to drive a race car.

Nasreen MadhanyNasreen Madhany

Nasreen Madhany

Global Chief Executive Officer

Nasreen has spearheaded many of the company’s innovations in marketing and advertising during her career. Now she is leading a mission to help clients make smart choices as they invest in digital marketing. Nasreen is originally from Nairobi, Kenya, but considers herself a citizen of the world, having also lived in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada.

Alfonso MarianAlfonso Marian

Alfonso Marian

Chief Creative Officer
Ogilvy New York

A highly awarded and recognized global creative leader, Alfonso joined OgilvyOne New York from his native Madrid, Spain, to work on some of the world’s biggest global brands. Since then, he has been the creative force behind breakthrough, award-winning work for leading clients including IBM, Kimberly-Clark, British Airways and BlackRock.

Sean MuzzySean Muzzy

Sean Muzzy

Group Managing Director
Ogilvy USA

Sean joined Ogilvy to help companies understand how to collect, analyze and apply customer information. Today, he combines creative and marketing expertise to develop strategies that activate brands and deliver business results. An innovative and creative marketer, Sean is originally from Long Island, New York, and enjoys writing poetry.

Patou NuytemansPatou Nuytemans

Patou Nuytemans

Chief Digital Officer
Ogilvy & Mather, Europe, Africa & Middle East

Since Patou joined Ogilvy she has led a series of successful strategic initiatives that have made Ogilvy - and many of its clients - think and work differently. She is a true Customer Engagement expert and a brilliant digital thinker who continues to implement her vision of combining the best of traditional marketing expertise with new digital skills. Patou is originally from Antwerp, Belgium. The only place she could easily live without the web is in the Okavango Delta, counting elephants.

Paul OPaul O

Paul O’Donnell

Chief Executive Officer
Ogilvy & Mather, Europe, Africa & Middle East

Paul joined the London office of OgilvyOne as a data services consultant. Over the years, he has worked in international business development and acquisition, and has created new service offerings. Today he holds responsibility for Ogilvy’s business across the entire EAME region. Born in Kent, England, Paul has an interest in organizational psychodynamics and the management of change within companies, and is also an avid supporter of Tottenham Hotspur F.C.


Oscar Prats

Development Director
Ogilvy & Mather, Europe, Africa & Middle East

Oscar joined Ogilvy to launch O&M Dataconsult, the pioneer database marketing arm of OgilvyOne. Then, under his lead, OgilvyOne Spain was recognized as the most creative agency of the year for three consecutive years and was twice the most awarded agency in Europe. Today, Oscar spearheads development for the entire EMEA region. Originally from Santander, Spain, Oscar is an active sea kayaker and even launched his own sea kayaking start up, Waternut.


Jimmy Schougaard

Chief Customer Engagement Officer
OgilvyOne Worldwide

Jimmy’s past experience working in CRM, marketing strategy, relationship marketing and brand management across numerous sectors make him an invaluable asset to OgilvyOne. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jimmy leads key global accounts, and is committed to driving real business results for clients. Doctors’ hypotheses behind Jimmy’s 6 ft. 4 in. / 196cm height is overconsumption of dairy products as a child, given that his brother and parents all being below 5 ft. 8in. / 178cm.

Jerry SmithJerry Smith

Jerry Smith

President & Chief Executive Officer
OgilvyOne Asia Pacific

Jerry has held a number of regional management positions since joining OgilvyOne with the directive to improve effectiveness and bring a greater business focus across the Ogilvy group of companies. Born in Nakuru, Kenya, he is now responsible for OgilvyOne offices in 14 countries across Asia Pacific. Jerry plays and collects guitars, many of which are hidden from his wife in offices around the region.

Kent WertimeKent Wertime

Kent Wertime

Co-Chief Executive Officer
Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific

When Kent began his career with Ogilvy, he helped to establish the largest interactive agency operation in Asia, with offices in 12 markets. Today he oversees Ogilvy across the Asia Pacific region. Hailing from Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Kent has the same birthday as Van Gogh, Eric Clapton and MC Hammer. He is also an accomplished writer and has authored two books on branding and digital marketing.

Sam Williams-ThomasSam Williams-Thomas

Sam Williams-Thomas

Chief Executive Officer
OgilvyOne Business

Sam joined OgilvyOne to lead some of the company’s largest British accounts. Under his leadership, OgilvyOne UK achieved sustained growth, as well as a record number of creativity and effectiveness awards. Today, Sam leads OgilvyOne Business, the B2B arm of the agency. Sam was born in Bromsgrove, England, and is a life-long supporter of Aston Villa F.C.

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