American Express Platinum® and Centurion® Cards are signature offerings for some of the world's most successful people.

Cardmembers are devoted to online shopping, travel planning and information gathering. They expect nothing less than unique value and premium digital service from American Express.


Deliver a best-in-class digital membership experience to grow loyalty and spend.

Integrate new and existing online service, loyalty marketing and rewards experiences into a unified, scalable platform. Enable customization and CRM integration by local markets. 


OgilvyOne created a full digital strategy, responsive design/user experience, and content strategy.

Multiyear, agile creative and platform development is ongoing, aligned with the Continuous Commerce™ emphasis on omnichannel strategy.

New services include a mobile airport lounge finder, global dining and city guides, online partner enrollment, and the first comprehensive online benefit directory.


At launch, page views increased by 953 percent, and traffic increased by 275 percent. As new tools and experiences launched, each increased traffic by approximately 20 percent

Average time spent on the site is 12 minutes, with an average of 4.5 page views per visit, demonstrating Cardmember engagement.

Site versions are live in over 30 markets and 10 languages worldwide and new benefits, Card brands, and services continue to build on the platform.

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