Founded in Lyon, France, in 1875, Babolat is the oldest company specializing in racket sports in an increasingly crowded market.


Babolat approached OgilvyOne Paris to develop an innovative product that would encourage tennis players to practice more frequently and monitor their own performance.

At the same time, Babolat wanted to create a community of players to help raise awareness of their brand.


OgilvyOne worked with Babolat to create a connected tennis racket. Without affecting balance or weight, the new design captures and measures performance.

User experience research and testing led to the design of player skills and sessions data visualization.

Social connection leverages not only other recreational players, but also Babolat’s professional endorsers.

A complete data architecture, including identification of necessary data feeds and input, enriches product function.


The first edition of Babolat Play rackets sold out in the U.S. market, and remains a centerpiece product in a revitalization of the brand.

The product won a Gold Cannes Innovation Lion.

The Babolat Play racket has been officially authorized by the International Tennis Federation.

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