Battersea Dogs Home is famous in the United Kingdom. Its core mission is to find good homes for the rescued dogs in its kennels.


Brits are notorious animal lovers, but many don’t think about adopting a rescue dog because they simply don’t see many strays roaming the streets.

Battersea needed to let people know about the need – and get them to consider adopting.


Using volunteers, rescue dogs, leaflets, digital screens and a little bit of magic, OgilvyOne created a unique, experiential campaign.

Titled "Looking for You", the campaign featured "Barley", a charming rescue dog, who followed shoppers around a major London shopping center via a series of digital billboards.

Leaflets containing information and RFID chips were handed out, allowing animal lovers to opt-in. As these shoppers walked through the mall, Barley followed them from spot to spot, and screen to screen.

Both the leaflets and digital billboards provided additional information about Battersea and how to adopt a dog.


The campaign microsite received over 2,000 unique visits and the main Battersea site received 79% of its traffic from new visitors during the campaign.

Videos featuring people’s experiences with Barley were viewed over 320,000 times, generating over 99% positive sentiment.

Interactions with Barley were viewed over 235,000 times on the Battersea Facebook page.

Over 200 possible adoptive homes were found through Twitter, where real dogs were featured under the hashtag #lookingforyou.

The campaign won a Bronze Lion in the Cyber category at Cannes Lions in 2015, a gold at the 2015 DMA UK Echo Awards and brought home a Gold for Best Direct Campaign and a Bronze for best use of Digital Out-of-Home from the 2016 Creative Circle Awards.

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