Clear, a U.S.-backed telecommunications company, was introducing the first-ever mobile internet service at 4G speed, launching a new name, category and product all at once.


Despite the brand being widely recognized, consumers could not understand how or where to use 4G internet, or why. 


To address the confusion, we created a long-format commercial that showcased everyday examples of people using Clear in a productive way, demonstrating the simplicity of Clear and defining 4G by comparing it to a slow 3G connected mobile phone.  

Based on customer segmentation research, the key target segments to engage were identified in order to build consideration and drive acquisition.

We used the voice and visual style of the Clear brand to maintain the brand identity while using direct-to-consumer response tactics to increase engagement. 


The two-minute commercial experienced a 23 percent CPC decrease. 

Clear moved from only 10 markets to 32 and saw a 540 percent subscription increase. 

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