Gerber needed to find new ways to compete in a competitive and changing baby-care market.


Although Gerber offers a wide array of infant food, formulas, bottles, toys and even life insurance, they needed to let millennial moms know, and establish themselves as a brand that “gets her.”


OgilvyOne and Gerber created 44 short, scripted, informational Q&A videos based on some of the biggest questions and pain points for moms, as identified by search behavior.

The goal was to build awareness by reaching millennial mothers where and when they were exploring around baby care.


Video retention rates were 21 percent higher than with other videos on Gerber’s YouTube channel and 13 percent above industry average.

Social engagement was more than five times higher than with other videos on Gerber’s YouTube channel, and above industry average.

Viewers visited Gerber.com at a rate comparable to the benchmark for paid advertising.

Once on Gerber.com, time on site was 11 percent higher and the engagement rate was 22 percent higher than the overall site average.

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