A+E Networks’ History channel brings the past to life in simple, informative and entertaining ways.


Develop an app for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Engage a new generation with the History channel by finding fresh ways to tell the Civil War story.


The war was brought to the people by a mobile app developed by Bottle Rocket, a strategic partner of OgilvyOne. The app let users experience Civil War events in real time through four years of daily updates.

Through social media, the app let users share headlines and events with friends, and even tweet telegrams in Morse code.

The big story of the Civil War is being retold through short updates that reflect the way millennials consume news.


Teachers across the country use the app to teach the Civil War.

An Apple “App Hall of Fame” winner, the app was featured as an App of the Week and an iPad Essential.

#1 grossing and downloaded entertainment app in the App Store.

#6 grossing and #8 downloaded overall in the App Store.

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