Honeywell is a major American multinational conglomerate that understands the value of user experience design in maintaining their leadership in the industrial sector.

Effective, an OgilvyOne specialty company, works with Honeywell across a range of businesses, including lifesaving products and services for fire protection and first responders.


Honeywell asked us to streamline the real-time monitoring and user experience of their eVance fire safety systems.


We worked with the client to design and build a cloud-based fire-safety software suite.

The suite includes two applications: Service Manager, which streamlines dispatching, scheduling and maintenance activities; and Inspection Manager, which improves on-site systems testing.


eVance won the 2014 Honeywell Life Safety Human Factors Gold Award.

CEO David Cote featured eVance in his presentation at the Honeywell 2014 Investor Conference, showcasing his company’s commitment to user experience excellence.

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