Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) paved the way with a loyalty program that has become the world's largest, with over 80 million members worldwide.

By 2013, IHG noticed that its loyalty program was not performing as well as it once had.


Revitalize the loyalty marketing program to reduce costs and raise revenues.

Redesign the promotional architecture to separate IHG from competitors.


OgilvyOne developed personalized loyalty promotions. Using IHG guest data, over 400,000 unique offer combinations were created.

Each member received a set of offers scaled to their program level. Members had the opportunity to take advantage of some or all in order to obtain rewards.

Members could view updates on their progress towards rewards through an email plan and online dashboard.


Loyalty revenue grew by 450 percent.

Engagement increased overall, with a 47 percent increase in promotion sign-ups and a 55 percent increase in direct bookings with IHG.

Spending was reduced by 33 percent and incentive cost was reduced by 58 percent.

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