A tradition of handwritten love notes on the paper wrappers of Lacta chocolates had come to an end when the brand switched to plastic packaging.

The brand needed a new way to keep chocolate and love together.


Make the connection between Lacta and love for a new generation.

Make it matter, with a campaign that would reach younger consumers online.


OgilvyOne created an app that let people create and send love notes to their Facebook friends. The recipient could then use the app and their phone camera to see the note “written”on a Lacta bar.

Five 15-minute web series episodes were released on Facebook and YouTube in the month leading up to Valentine’s Day 2015. 


Facebook posts achieved 30 percent organic reach, and Lacta’s Facebook page became the #1 product page in Greece.

The videos accumulated six million views in a nation of four million Facebook users, and the series was eventually shown as a TV movie.

Lacta messages usage increased by 179 percent during the weeks the episodes were launched, and exploded 17 times higher on Valentine’s Day.

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