A major U.S. mobile carrier identified direct customer acquisition as critical to staying competitive.

However, wireless direct acquisition economics are driven by a very narrow time window. Up to 96 percent of prospect touches are wasted on people with contracts. Most of them couldn’t act on offers even if they wanted to.


The client needed a formal process for identifying, acquiring and using third-party data to locate prospects who were both willing and able to switch.

Clarity had to be brought to analytics work. At the project start, analytics were not being utilized strategically to drive optimization or persona targeting.


OgilvyOne helped document 53 different capabilities and 600+ distinct requirements to guide a redesigned prospect marketing database.

An RFP sent to major marketing service providers identified detailed data requirements. The new plan supported current campaign efforts. But it also enabled more refined customer propensity models.


OgilvyOne was able to rationalize the client’s significant capital expenditure while identifying $450 million in additional gross revenue potential.

More than a dozen new data suppliers were identified, and eight were short-listed to participate in the data evaluation process. 

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