A major pet products company held a dominant share of organic search with top rankings for many nonbranded terms that are greatest in demand in their business.


The client wanted to test paid search, to see if it could increase traffic.

But they were concerned that adding paid search could adversely affect traffic from organic search.


After analyzing the client’s current search optimization strategy and results, OgilvyOne developed a paid search campaign designed to test the potential synergy between paid and organic search.

Research was conducted for both branded and nonbranded search terms, and those showing the highest demand were targeted.


The presence of paid search did not adversely impact organic search. In fact, site traffic from organic search rose to 40 percent during the paid search campaign from 34 percent six months before.

The increase in organic search suggested that having both paid and organic listings on the results page produced a synergistic effect, creating a basis for a more effective overall SEO strategy going forward.

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