Starr is a global insurer providing mission-critical coverage for business and industrial clients.

Potential clients researching the company expect a high-level credentials and capabilities presentation, viewable any time, on any device.


Transition from a basic brochure site to a sophisticated lead generation platform, built on a clear user experience and relevant content.

Make the site easy to use from any device – increasingly, potential clients are doing their due diligence on tablets and smartphones.

Enable ongoing updates and lead gathering through a strong Content Management System aligned with internal technical capabilities.


A new site launched in 2015, with an entirely new information architecture, graphic design and copy.

Fully responsive, the site was built on the .NET-based Sitecore CMS platform, making it easy to update for Starr's in-house development team.

A custom contact form enabled users to directly contact individual Starr representatives based on the coverage they were interested in.

Platform capabilities enabled simple translation to support sites in other countries.


The new site drastically improved SEO performance and email marketing tools, two key lead generation capabilities.

The "bounce" rate – users who leave the site home without viewing additional content – went from 50+% to 6% after the re-launch, and time spent on the site rose by over 50%.

Creating a dynamic content platform made adding new content easier, enabling a powerful integration with social and content marketing channels to generate both awareness and leads.

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