Vodafone, a leading global telecommunications company, wanted to use Facebook to reach customers and prospects in India, the second-most-populous country in the world.


Vodafone India wanted to keep their 18- to 24-year-old prepaid subscribers from moving to competitors by using social media to deepen their relationship with the brand. 


OgilvyOne started with an audience insight. The young customers Vodafone wanted to engage used Facebook as a way to find quick, fun, sharable content. That insight led to the creation of the Zoozoos.

The Zoozoos are uniquely funny characters, with their own language, relationships and more. They initially starred in a series of short videos posted daily during the popular Indian Premier League cricket season.

Quirky posts extended the campaign by showing the Zoozoos hilariously celebrating various traditional occasions.

As the Zoozoos became a hit, OgilvyOne worked with Vodafone to create Zoozoos calendars, Zoozoos horoscopes with weird predictions, and even Zoozoos key chains and other merchandise.


The number of Vodafone India subscribers grew by 10 million during the campaign period.      

The Zoozoos fan page generated over 90 million monthly organic impressions and became the world’s largest and most active telecom fan page during the campaign period.

Vodafone had four times as many interactions per fan as their closest competitor.

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