British Gas and OgilvyOne launch Smart Street: A New Online Series

LONDON, August 25, 2016  – British Gas has launched a brand new online series called Smart Street. Developed by OgilvyOne, the series is designed to showcase the possibilities and consumer benefits of the connected home and smarter living.

Filming three real families over three months, Smart Street captures their daily lives living with a range of smart technology. Capturing the families’ honest reactions, Smart Street will demonstrate if smart tech can really make life smarter, easier and more fun.

OgilvyOne filmed three families to explore how different families view the same technology; one young couple who have just moved into their first home, one young family and one older family with teenage children. Armed with smart phones, the families are also creating their own video diaries, giving a personal insight into how they’re getting a grip on the new technology.

At launch, the online Smart Street Hub is already pre-filled with over 30 videos, allowing people to consume multiple pieces of content in one go, but the campaign will now continue in almost real time, with new content dropping on a weekly basis until October.

Charlie Wilson, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, OgilvyOne, said: “When British Gas asked us to think about getting customers to really engage in smart technology we wanted to take a new and very different approach. What we have done here is real customer-led content – in bite size episodic chunks – and we are thrilled at how the content is developing. Obviously these are genuine families – and with that you get all the natural drama of family life – as well as some of the pain – but that is what will keep it as entertaining as it is informative.”

Margaret Jobling, Marketing Director, British Gas, commented: “At British Gas we believe that nobody is better placed to be able to identify the true value that a connected home can bring to real families. We see this campaign as a truly unique social experiment, showcasing what matters most to people when it comes to smart technology in the home.”