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Vietnam Tourism Administration appoints OgilvyOne for Global Online Marketing Campaign

Campaign to launch in 2016 and supported by leading private industry stakeholders.

LONDON, UK, November 3, 2015:  The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has selected OgilvyOne Worldwide Vietnam to develop a global online marketing campaign for the country’s tourism industry. The collaboration is supported by the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) to VNAT, a public-private coalition of leading industry stakeholders and established with the support of the EU-funded Environmentally & Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme.

VNAT and the TAB have united in a public-private partnership to increase Vietnam’s competitiveness as a tourism destination. The joint marketing initiative will focus on key international markets and will cover both online and offline programmes. The aim of the digital strategy will be to develop an internationally recognized, digital platform for marketing Vietnam globally.

Mr. Tran Kien, Chief Executive Officer of the Thien Minh Group and board member of the TAB, commented on the partnership with OgilvyOne indicating that, “online marketing is an extremely effective channel that offers increased engagement with visitors and the travel trade, highly measureable performance, rapid strategy adjustment and enhanced targeting capabilities.”

Commenting on VNAT’s appointment of the digital agency, Chairman Nguyen Van Tuan said, “Our partnership with OgilvyOne will give us access to world-class knowledge and resources from around the globe. We conducted a very extensive selection process and believe that there is no better agency that understands how to showcase Vietnam’s many charms to the world.”

OgilvyOne Worldwide Vietnam is the largest digital agency in Vietnam, with over 100 experienced professionals. The agency’s global network has developed national campaigns for Tourism Australia, British Tourism, Brand USA, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, as well as programmes for commercial partners such as British Airways, Accor Hotels and the Intercontinental Hotel Group. “As a leader in brand-driven communications and one of the most trusted names in government communications worldwide, we are excited to be working with VNAT and the country’s leading private industry members,” Alfred Leitao, Managing Director of OgilvyOne Vietnam stated.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) officially came into being as a national tourism organization in 1992. VNAT is an agency under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, responsible for functioning the state administration and marketing of the tourism sector in Vietnam.